Why should I not just go for the lowest possible price for my signs?

Signs are like clothes and haircuts. You buy them to make the best and right impression. Would you go somewhere to get your hair cut just because you got the lowest price? If you want to make a great impression do you buy the cheapest clothes that you can find? Cheap, weather beaten, sub-standard looking signs are not only ineffective, they can turn business away.

Studies consistently show that signs, dollar for dollar, are your most effective medium for attracting more business.

Your sign decisions need to be made around how they are going to make you money, which has far greater potential for your business than the few dollars you might save in the short run.

What are some guiding principals I should follow in making my sign decisions?

The first question to ask yourself is how long you need your sign to last. If you own your own building, ten to fifteen years is not out of the question. If you have a three year lease and expect to move to larger quarters after that, you don’t need the longest lasting materials.

The second question to ask is what message you want to communicate and how far away it needs to be seen. This will determine how large the sign needs to be and the look and feel of the sign.

The third question is what you want the sign to accomplish. A striking lobby sign might tell a prospect that he/she made the right decision in choosing your company. A building sign might create curiosity and bring in new prospects or just help customers find you.

When do I need a Permit from my City or Municipality?

Normally anything done indoors and not visible from the street does not require a permit. Anything outdoors most often does. If you are in an office or retail complex, chances are your landlord or property management firm will have a sign plan that we need to conform to. The City has its own set of codes, and they are often posted on their respective web sites. Always a Good Sign will help you with all of this.

How do I know I am going to like my sign after it is finished?

We provide as many samples of materials, finishes and colors as available. We also like to superimpose the graphic design of your sign on a picture of your property to give you a good idea of how it will look. We like to remove any surprises.

What are typical charges when purchasing a sign?

Some of the common charges are for graphic work, installation, permits, additional shop time, commute from showroom to job site, equipment charges, as well as others depending upon job.